Travel RN Assignment

RN Travel Assignment

Location: Cleveland, OH

Unit: MS/Tele

Shift: Night 3x12-Hour (19:00 - 07:00)

Day 3x12-Hour (07:00 - 19:00)

Starts: 05/08/2023

Duration: 13 Weeks

Weekly Pay before Taxes- $1875.76 average

Weekly Stipend + $1064.00 average

Weekend: Yes (Friday-Sunday)

Floating: Yes - MS units

Contract Length: 13 weeks
  • Description:
    2 years of Oncology experience required *Must be recent within the last 6 months*

    Travel experience required

    ACLS,BLS required *In Hand* ONS preferred

    Details: complex care needs with strength in cardiac, respiratory, rapid responses and end of life, IV skills (both peripheral and central lines), emphasis on positive patient experience, meeting quality metrics( reduction of falls, central line infections and etc.

    Patient type:
    primary solid tumor/end of life
    oncology, medical
    poss surgical oncology
    some acute care overflow from med-surg
    telemetry/pulse oximetry

    Special Equipment:
    alaris pumps
    respiratory equipment such as airvo, CPAP, BIPAP
    chest tubes
    NG tubes

    No block scheduling requests, unless for Weekends Only (that will be considered, but not necessarily approved)

    Fit Test completed on-site. Gentlemen must be clean shaven.

    Per UH policy, candidates cannot request off more than 10 days, with no more than 5 consecutively requested off. Any RTO exceeding this requirement will immediately be removed and asked to trim down to meet this requirement before resubmitting.

    BF SA
  • COVID-19 Vaccine (Facility Guideline):
    Required - Medical/Religious Exemptions Only
  • Flu Vaccine (Facility Guideline):